Mika Sakamoto's Photo Exhibition at OLYMPUS gallery

Mika Sakamoto’s Photo Exhibition at OLYMPUS gallery

坂本三佳の世界旅 -Mika Sakamoto’s World Journeys-
2016.8.19~24 @ オリンパスギャラリー東京
2016.9.16~29 @ オリンパスギャラリー大阪


I began my journey as a Mystery Hunter with Sekkai Fushigi Hakken 16 years ago, when I was 19 years old. I’ve been blessed to travel to nearly 60 countries and have appeared on Sekai Fushigi Hakken 80 times. I was first encouraged and inspired to begin photographing my experiences by famed photographer Shin Yamagishi. While the crew was setting up their next location, I began seeking out the beauty in the ordinary. I started to capture photos of all living things: nature, animals, people. Over the years I have taken tens of thousands of photos, and I am pleased to share even just a …few of them in this exhibition.
Through the camera lens, I have realized that the earth’s greatest mystery is that we are all connected and truly one in the same in the circle of life.
To be able to share this feeling with the rest of the world through my photography is both an honor and a dream come true.


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